On March 17, 2019, Beth Rivera started a Discord server called Broken Camera Collective: a group of friends talking to each other, collaborating, and getting feedback with the music they were making.

Eventually, Beth organized a chiptune compilation album featuring people from the server (which can be found here). This started a tradition of themed compilation albums featuring both collective and friends of friends!

Soon, Jen Piganelli (aka Jen Decay) was adopted onto the team, and with her help, they were able to turn this small project into a true record label: Distributing artists' and bands' music to streaming platforms, as well as physical merchandise in the form of shirts and tapes!

Broken Camera Records has a few core values intrinsic to its existence:
1. All profits go to the artists on their streaming revenue and merchandise sales
2. Funding comes from donations, VA compilation sales, and personal funding from Beth & Jen
3. Associated artists releasing physicals must have their digital music available for free/pay what you want in some capacity

Ultimately, BCR is about putting as little a financial gap between artists and fans as possible.